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Legit, safe and transparent, ByteLixir is a platform and an app for online passive income. It is a free-to-download and easy-to-use software which allows users all over the world to share their Internet bandwidth and profit on it. Our app is trusted by millions of people and approved by the main antivirus services.

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About ByteLixir — Free App for Online Passive Income

Our aim

When creating the ByteLixir app, we thought about how to equally benefit all the three interested parties: users, partners, and developers. We believe that it is essential to make public online data available for everyone. This is how we came up with a method to provide a universal network where people worldwide are involved as they help to gather public web data in an open way.

  • For users

    our app is an excellent additional income source

    For users
  • For developers

    it gives a good way to monetize software, since ByteLixir works quietly and is investment-free

    For developers
  • For business partners

    it is a means for gathering trustworthy public web data fast and in big volumes

    For business partners

Our aim is to remain 100% transparent and secure

To be on top, a service has to be totally clean and legit. We’ve got everything to meet the KYC/AML standards, so our users and customers see what they agree to clearly. In our person, they find a reliable partner: we provide obvious app rules, reviewed by multiple cybersecurity companies.

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Our aim is to remain 100% transparent and secure

About us

Both initially and up to this day, ByteLixir stays faithful to the credo — professionalism is key. For this reason, we only hire skilled and motivated people who love what they do. Another point for ByteLixir is that our tech experts are not only talented but they also keep learning. We choose to work with those who are familiar with the industry and feel in their element.

About us

Behind this simple and understandable passive income app you use every day is a team of enthusiastic specialists. Each of us is proud to have built a platform working on a basis where all the sides are mutually benefited, and where each side gets compensated appropriately for its willing participation.

Our app is used by the public, and further-growing audience is the best proof of our success. This is the success we wouldn’t have come to without you and are glad to share with you!

Thank you for using ByteLixir as the best app for online passive income and inviting more people to join in with our strong community!

About us

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