Terms of Use

Last update: 22/03/2024

These Terms of Use (otherwise referred to as simply “Terms”) define Your (otherwise referred to as “You” and “User”) relations with BTLX (alternatively referred to as “Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”). These relations emerge for the reason that You exercise access to and make use of Our Website (see below). The same holds true for Our Application (see below). The latter can be obtained by being downloaded from the Website. Together, Our Website and Application constitute the ByteLixir Platform (or, simply, “Platform”) that makes it possible for You to share Your Internet bandwidth with the Company as well as with other Users for remuneration or to make use of other Users’ Internet bandwidth for remuneration.


The way You make use of Our Platform is framed by these Terms, together with their Annexes, which encompass:

We urge You to familiarize Yourself with these Terms as well as their Annexes, since these sources contain principal information and exert influence on Your legal rights.

In case any questions concerning any provisions of these Terms or docs and info made available via the Platform arise, We invite You to contact Our support team. One can do so by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by relying on and reaching out to Us via channels and contact information offered by the Website.

By having Your Account (see below) registered with the Platform, You effectively consent to abide by these Terms as well as all other terms, conditions, and stipulations incorporated herein by reference. 

Please be informed that the provisions of these Terms, associated with the prohibition of unauthorized usage of the Platform’s Content and usage of feedback left by You and Your ideas proposed, stay in force even in the absence of Your Account registered with the Platform. 

If You do not consent with any of the provisions of these Terms and its Annexes, You must, straight away, stop using Our Platform and delete Our Application from Your device.

We continuously work on and improve our Platform. Therefore, from time to time, We might need to alter these Terms. Such new versions of terms and conditions become an integral part of Your agreement with Us, at the very moment when any amended version is published by the Platform. 

In case You deem it to be inadmissible to keep on using the Platform on the basis of any updated version of these binding guidelines, You must, straight away, stop using Our Platform and delete the Application from Your device.


In case any of the terms mentioned in this document is capitalized, it is to be understood and interpreted as stipulated by this section.

We, Our, Us, Company BTLX
You, User any individual, matching the eligibility criteria provided herein and consenting to these Terms, that registers and runs an Account on the Website and installs Our Application.
Recipient User any person or legal entity that signs an agreement with Us to make use of the Internet bandwidth shared by other Users to gather publicly available Internet data for their purposes (including, but not limited to, market research, ad verification, tracking statistics related to search queries on the Net, and more.).
Website a body of the data, web forms, software, and protected intellectual property (including, but not limited to, datasets, visuals, UI/UX elements, text content, etc.) belonging to Us and accessible via deficient Users’ devices connected to the Internet through special solutions for viewing web pages (browser) under the domain "bytelixir.com”, encompassing the domains of the subsequent levels, which could be made use of by Users to get assess to their respective Accounts, interact with the Platform, and communicate with Us.
Application Our software, encompassing all software parts in their entirety (both Our source code and object code) and including programs, tools, libraries, APIs, data, individual files, Application specs, and documentation, which could be applied by Our Users to share Internet bandwidth with Us as well as other Users.
Platform, System a body of Our Website and Application that belongs to the Company and could be applied by Our Users to share their Internet bandwidth with Us as well as other Users for remuneration.
Content an entirety of Our intellectual property objects, as well as every individual intellectual property object, provided for viewing by the Platform, including, but not limited to, any info in text formats, pictures, images, design elements, photographs, links, video content, audio content, and any other intellectual property objects, the exclusive rights or rights of use of which reserved by Us.
Account the functionality of Our Website that encompasses the entirety of info concerning Your usage of the Platform, the Internet bandwidth shared, and rewards for it to be paid.
Payment Provider banks and non-affiliated external legal entities providing payment options, with which We cooperate to make it possible to withdraw rewards from the Platform. The complete list of Our Payment Partners is available within the Providers.
Cryptocurrency encrypted or other digital assets that, in line with other purposes, can be used as cryptocurrencies and that are predicated on blockchain and cryptography, issued and handled in a decentralized shape (e.g. USTD). All info regarding the digital assets that are supported by the Platform and can be withdrawn as remuneration is available on Our Website.
Minimum Withdrawal Threshold minimum remuneration that can be withdrawn from the Platform by You at a time.
Maximum Withdrawal Threshold maximum remuneration that can be withdrawn from the Platform by You at a time.
Verification Services external platforms that have entered into contractual relationships with Us to execute enhanced verification of visitors that would like to become Users or are already registered Users.
Third-Party Services Services provided by the legal entities not affiliated with the Company. The System contains detailed characteristics on them.
Registration data The Personal Data User provides to the Company by mentioning it in the registration form during the process of signing up. The full list of User characteristics is enumerated in the proper paragraph of the current Policy and Agreement.

In case any terms mentioned in these Terms are not explicitly explained above or in other sections of the document, such words are to be construed as they are understood in the Annexes and in conformity with applicable laws and regulations. Only as a last resort can they be construed as the generally accepted practice dictates.

    1. To be qualified to make use of the Platform, any User shall concurrently meet the following conditions, throughout the entire duration of the whole period of that usage:
      • Reach the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction of Your residence;
      • Possess the full legal capacity to enter into legally binding agreements, encompassing, but not limited to, these Terms of Use;
      • Be a resident of a country where Your use of the Platform abides by and is not prohibited by the local laws and regulations;
      • Be authorized to share Your Internet bandwidth in conformity with the terms of Your agreement with your ISP (Internet service provider);
      • Make use the Platform only for legal and legit purposes, that have nothing to do with crime, such as terrorism, fraudulent activities, scam schemes, or any type of illegal actions;
      • Make use of the Platform only for Yourself. That is, using the Platform on behalf of any external third party is not permissible, unless You earn prior approval from that person and Us.
    2. We might require You to undergo extra verification via external third-party Verification Services. If the Platform chooses Your Account for enhanced extra verification, You will be permitted to make use of the Platform only after successful completion of that verification.
    3. The Company has the full right to block Accounts and suspend access to the Platform for the Users that do not match and do not comply with any of the eligibility criteria listed in the previous sections of this chapter. If You realize that any of the Users fails to meet any of the abovementioned eligibility criteria, You should promptly inform Us about that.
    4. The Company may require You to go through additional verification with use of the third-party Verification Services as many times as it deems necessary.
    1. Before You accept the terms and conditions mentioned herein, You are to attentively read the whole text of this document.
    2. You unconditionally and unambiguously consent to all of these terms in general and any of them in particular. You agree to all the points of these Terms of Use exactly when generating Your Account within the Platform.
    3. Any User’s Account is set up on the Platform by filling out the form offered by Our Website or by logging in to the Platform via Your account existing in an external third-party service, for instance, Your Google account.
    4. If You, at any moment, do not consent to any stipulations and points of these Terms of Use, You must immediately, with no delays, log out of Your Account and remove the Application from Your device.
    1. By accepting these Terms of Use, in their entirety, You explicitly confirm and guarantee to the Company the following facts:
      • You fully meet the Platform’s eligibility criteria described in detail above;
      • You have provided accurate, correct, and timely updated information to the Company concerning Yourself and will continue keeping Us updated on of any changes to Your information;
      • Your exclusive ownership of the device where Our Application is installed;
      • You comprehend and accept all risks associated with sharing of Your Internet bandwidth with other Users;
      • If You use the Internet bandwidth provided by and shared with You by other Users, You will make use if it only for legal and legit aims and purposes;
      • Your comprehend that shared Internet bandwidth may be made use of by Our Recipient Users for diverse purposes;
      • You have already contacted and talked to advisors, counselors, consultants, and (or) Us, as well as have taken any other steps needed to clarify all uncertainties concerning the meaning of the conditions provided by these Terms of Use and their Annexes;
      • You comprehend the essence of the services that might be provided by the Company in accordance with these Terms;
      • You will not be promoting, executing, attempting, or engaging in any unlawful activities via Your relationship with the Company or Your usage of Our Platform;
      • Your use of the Platform will abide by these Terms of Use and its Annexes, laws, and regulations of the jurisdiction of Your citizenship and residence, the jurisdiction where Our Company is registered and legally located, as well as any other jurisdictions relevant in the context of Our relationships defined by these Terms.
    2. We have the full right to block and deactivate the Account as well as to totally suspend access to the Platform for any Users who violate any of the guarantees mentioned in the previous section.
    3. If You learn that any of Users violates any of the above guarantees, You must inform Us straightaway.
    1. We give Users access to the Platform’s features and capabilities, making it possible for them to share their Internet bandwidth with Us and Recipient Users. Alternatively, You can make use of such Internet bandwidth shared with You by other Users for remuneration in the way and on the conditions provided by these Terms and its Annexes.
    2. We do not run and maintain any payment services platforms (websites). Any platforms (websites) of this kind mentioned by the Platform are run by their respective Payment Providers. Your usage of these platforms (websites) is not regulated by these Terms. It is defined and managed by individual separate agreements existing between You and Payment Providers. We disclaim any responsibility for You, or liability to You, with regard to Your usage of the services of the Payment Providers. Also, We make no representations and provide no guarantees concerning the work of the platforms (websites) belonging to such Payment Providers. If You face an issue related to Your usage of the platforms (websites) of the Payment Providers mentioned on the Platform, You are to reach out to such Payment Providers directly and on Your own.
    3. Any references made to and links leading to the payment services platforms (websites) run by the Payment Providers are displayed by the Platform exclusively for Your convenience. They, for all intents and purposes, serve as no recommendation, representation, or guarantee of the Company concerning the security, performance, quality, and other relevant properties of such platforms (websites) and information and(or) services provided on(via) such platforms (websites). You assume and bear sole and full responsibility to do Your research to comprehend whether You really would like to make use of such platforms (websites).
    1. Users enjoy no access to the Recipient Users’ data, encompassing their devices and connection speed. Simultaneously, Recipient Users have absolutely no access to the information concerning the Users, whose bandwidth they make use of.
    2. The Recipient User can make requests for Internet bandwidth associated with a certain country or region. We assess these requests while considering the amount of shared bandwidth as well as the available capabilities of the Platform. Then, at Our own discretion, we either accept or discard the request made by the Recipient User.
    3. The demand for Internet bandwidth may vary. Hence, not all Users will be able to share the same amount of bandwidth. If there is superabundant Internet bandwidth originating in a particular location, We reserve the right to restrict the amount of shared bandwidth to tackle potential data server overload issues. To take care of appropriate speed and high quality of the connection, We impose restrictions on the amount of connections to the same IP. This enables Our Users to enjoy a stable connection and grows their remuneration. The amount of connections might differ, depending on existing network and market conditions. The information concerning the restrictions and their potential changes is available on the Platform.
    4. By consenting to these Terms of Use, the User also consents to the fact that Internet bandwidth may be made use of by Recipient Users for varying goals and purposes. This includes reviewing Internet advertisement strategies being implemented to verify that the ads are placed properly, as well as for other scenarios of data collection. Thus, the User might be requested to solve captchas, provide a code word, or give an answer to a question when visiting a particular website.
    5. If the User runs a streaming platform account, and our Recipient User is granted access to the same platform, it's not likely that the User will face issues while making use of this platform.
    1. Users get remuneration from Us for two reasons. First, when they share their Internet bandwidth with Us and Recipient Users. Second, when they win new Users for the Platform within the framework of Our referral program which is explained in these Terms.
    2. Your remuneration for sharing is predicated on the amount of the Internet bandwidth You share, and the rates defined Us.
    3. Users’ Accounts inform them about accumulated remuneration, for both sharing their Internet bandwidth on the one hand and winning new Users for the Platform on the other hand, that can be withdrawn via the Website's capabilities.
    4. The Company cannot be held liable for anything when it pays no remuneration in the following circumstances:
      • if neither Us, nor Recipient Users have made use of the Internet bandwidth provided, even though Users themselves have enabled its sharing via the Platform (Users can be updated concerning the volume of the Internet bandwidth shared in their respective Accounts);
      • if the remuneration due to be paid is below the Minimum Withdrawal Limit imposed by the Payment Provider of the User’s choice (Users can be updated concerning Minimum Withdrawal Limits in their respective Accounts);
      • if the remuneration due to be paid and ordered to be withdrawn is above the Maximum Withdrawal Limit (Users can be updated concerning Maximum Withdrawal Limits in their respective Accounts).
    5. The exact amount of a User's remuneration can be found in Users Accounts, it is cited in USD and includes all taxes to be paid by Users in their respective jurisdictions of residence, if any taxes are to be paid. That is, any User automatically bears sole and exclusive responsibility for paying all applicable and relevant taxes concerning the income generated via the Platform.
    6. The User can opt for receiving the remuneration due to be paid in fiat money, e-money, or crypto assets, if there are available and relevant options on the Website.
    7. In case Users do not get the funds/assets sent to their bank accounts, e-wallets, or crypto-wallets, they are to contact the Payment Provider previously selected for withdrawing their remuneration.
    8. Whenever, after the receipt of the remuneration by the User, the data concerning the amount of the remuneration due is not updated in their respective Accounts, they are to immediately reach out to the Company. In case the User deliberately chooses not to update Us on such issues and capitalizes on them to receive unearned money, We reserve the full right to suspend, temporarily block, or indefinitely delete their Account. Also, any other relevant steps can be taken, including legal action, to compensate for the losses incurred because of the User.
    9. The User is to consider the fact that withdrawing their remuneration is made possible by the services associated with the Payment Providers. As such, they can charge extra fees. The Company disclaims any responsibility for such charges imposed by the Payment Providers, if any.
    10. If the User opts to withdraw their remuneration in crypto, the amount of that crypto payment is determined on the basis of the current exchange rates.
    11. The Company is incapable of reversing any transactions when the User opts for withdrawing their remuneration in a given type of crypto assets. We exercise no control over the public blockchains that Users are interacting with and particular smart contracts and protocols that may be crucial to Users’ capabilities to get the remuneration. Users, therefore, are to assume full responsibility to do preceding research covering each applicable type of cryptocurrencies before opting for one of them as a reward for sharing their Internet bandwidth. We disclaim any responsibility, or liability to the Users, for any losses incurred due to an inability to annul the transaction concerning the usage of the Platform.

    Users are not allowed to make use of the Platform in any of the scenarios and for any goals listed below:

    • To make use of or try to make use of another User's Account without being explicitly and legally authorized to do so;
    • To spread, market, sell, interpret, translate, alter, reverse engineer or compile and decompile, disassemble or generate derivative works based on the Platform, its Content in any form, and other constituents;
    • To try and get unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks to which the Platform is linked outside the scope stipulated by these Terms of Use;
    • To expand and grow the amount of shared Internet bandwidth maliciously or to link more devices to the Platform than permitted by our Website;
    • To meddle and take any steps that will cause any kind of interference or disruption of the Platform as well as the servers responsible for hosting the Website;
    • To apply any framing technology by using the content of the Website, encompassing any data and materials made available on the Website;
    • To make use of any meta tags, PPC ad models, any “hidden text” as well as deep links making a reference to the Website;
    • To circumvent any encryption mechanisms or other safeguards applied by the Platform;
    • To apply such techniques as “data mining”, “scraping,” and alike to gather or extract data from the Platform and any devices linked to it;
    • To trade, lease, assign, transfer, spread, use as a service or otherwise grant to any external parties access to the Platform;
    • To make use of the Platform and Internet bandwidth shared by other Users for any criminal illegal purposes and activities;
    • To anyhow alter the source code of the Platform as well as its constituents;
    • To take any steps that might negatively affect the correct work of the Platform, as well as Our reputation, public image, and the good name, managers, staff members, and representatives. The same relates to Our affiliates as well as their managers, staff members, and representatives;
    • To transfer, upload, introduce, install, send and forward, via e-mail, messengers and any other communication channels, any malware containing viruses, pieces and elements of computer code, files, or utilities capable of interfering with or imposing limits on the operation of any applications, hardware, or pieces of telecommunication equipment;
    • To take any steps concerning Our Platform, that conflict and anyhow breach applicable laws, as well as international legislation concerning copyright and usage of software tools.
    1. All rights concerning Our Platform, Website, and Application, as well as their Content are reserved by Us together with other relevant right holders. All the rights concerning these objects, in their entirety, are protected.
    2. The User, thus, consents to and fully recognizes the fact that all exclusive rights as well as necessary licenses, when applicable, for the software constituents of the Website and its content that are used for their management and work, encompassing audiovisual content, graphic design, photographs, UI/UX elements, animations, video files and clips, audio recordings, sound effects, music tracks, texts, are reserved and held by Us or other relevant right holders.
    3. The User realizes that they are provided access to the Platform for their own personal usage exclusively. Any usage of the Platform for commercial goals without Our explicit authorization is inadmissible. The User, hence, is given a limited, revocable license, with no right to sublicense. These Terms also determine the User's right to install the Application on their devices to monetize shared Internet bandwidth. This license gives the User absolutely no right to upload or publish the Application or a constituent of it on any websites or networks, or to mention it in external third-party databases.
    4. These Terms are not intended to and do not entail the transfer of any rights or granting absolute licenses for any constituents of the Platform, its Content, affiliates and their counterparties to the User.

    You, herewith, give Us the full right and entitle Us to make use of the feedback communicated and ideas proposed, regarding the Platform and its –°ontent, that the Company gets from You on a free of charge basis. The Company carries no obligation to pay You any remuneration for the usage of Your ideas, proposals, feedback regarding the Platform.

    1. Users might receive the remuneration for recommending the Platform to external third parties by inviting them and offering them to try the Platform via the referral link.
    2. The User is granted the status of a referrer when a new User uses the referral link while registering their Account on the Website. In this scenario, the new User has the status of the referee.
    3. The special terms concerning the remuneration due to be paid to Users having the status of referrers can be found on the Website.
    4. The remuneration paid to the User as a referrer is accumulated with the remuneration paid for sharing Internet bandwidth. Taken together, this remuneration can be withdrawn in accordance with the overall general terms of remuneration withdrawal explained above.
    1. You, as a User, comprehend and consent to the fact that under these Terms of Use, Our Platform is supplied on the "AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. That is, we explicitly disclaim all possible warranties or conditions of any sort, either express or implicit, encompassing the integrability, adequate quality, or appropriateness of Our Platform for a particular goal or purposes pursued by Users, except when otherwise explicitly provided on the Website.
    2. We refuse to guarantee that the Platform is flawless and free from errors. We also refuse to guarantee that it will match all Users’ requirements, or that the Platform will work properly if used in combination with any other external third-party software or hardware. We do not and cannot guarantee any particular outcomes that the User might obtain via the use of the Platform. All risks associated with the quality and workability of the Platform must be borne by Users.
    3. To the fullest degree feasible, under all applicable laws, the User consents that We, Our affiliates, agents, and their officers, directors, and staff members can never be liable for any claims, losses incurred, or damages done, encompassing consequential or special damages, lost profits or otherwise, stemming from the usage of the Platform.
    4. To the fullest degree permitted by applicable laws, the User, herewith, waives any claims emerging on contractual, tort, or other grounds. You comprehend and agree that We enter into these Terms of Use in conformity with all limitations of liability stipulated in these Terms, which outline and fix the distribution of all possible risks between the parties.
    5. The User acknowledges that during the use of the Platform they send information to Us via unsecured electronic communication channels of the public computer network. Thus, it is also self-evident and fully acknowledged that the Company is not responsible for the safety of the information transmitted via such channels of the public network.
    6. We do not bear any liability to the User for losses, forced interruptions in business operations, loss of any data, expenses (real, indirect, mediated), incidental damages, lost profits and income caused by or otherwise associated with the User's use of the Platform.
    7. The Company does not bear any responsibility to the User for losses caused by possible errors that might take place within the Platform. At the same time, the Company undertakes to take reasonable measures to prevent and correct such errors.
    8. The User bears full responsibility for the installation and use of the Application and the provision of resources to third parties.
    9. The Company bears no responsibility for costs, fees, or charges, including regular and extra ones, associated with the shared bandwidth, that the User may face in accordance with their Internet service provider's agreement. Also, We assume no responsibility for the Internet service provider's costs for the provision of data and resources of the device to external third parties. We bear no responsibility for losses incurred by the User as an outcome of their Internet service provider's restrictions and limitations on the use of specific software products, or if the usage of the Platform is in conflict with the Internet service provider’s agreement.
    10. We explicitly disclaim any warranties concerning the information on Our Website and blog. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy, fullness, or dependability of the content within the Website and blog. All content available with the Company’s blog serves informational purposes only. The Platform assumes no responsibility for any consequences and implications (such as material or physical losses and damages, injuries, and more) of publishing or using the content available with the Website or blog.
    11. Our Website might contain links leading to web pages of third parties. Our Company does not express, give, or imply warranties regarding the completeness, correctness, dependability, or availability of their content. The Company assumes no responsibility for the content from external third parties within the Website. The User takes all risks, related to possible usage of information and services provided on and via those websites and following such links, on their own and alone.
    12. In case the User has any questions concerning Internet bandwidth sharing, taxes for the remuneration earned via the Platform, technologies applied, or other issues, they are to reach out to a qualified expert or professional consultant. Any references made to external third-party software, products, services, policies, and procedures (e.g. by trade name, trademark, address, contact details, manufacturer, supplier, and more), mean no endorsement, sponsorship, recommendation, or affiliation with Us.

    If any claims and disputes between the User and Us arise, the User acts in their capacity in conformity with the applicable legislation. The User has no right to initiate claims as a plaintiff or class member in any hypothetic class or representative action. Without the reciprocal consent between You and Us, arbitrators or judges may not merge and consolidate more than one person’s claim or, one way or another, preside over any sort of a representative or class proceeding.

    1. The Agreement is regulated by and shall be understood in accordance with the laws and regulations of Singapore.
    2. User and the Company therefore agree to inform each other in writing of any dispute within sixty (60) days of when it arises. For such purposes, the Company can use the e-mail address User has provided during the Account registration, while the User shall use the e-mail address provided by the Company in the last paragraph of this Agreement.
    3. Users agree that any dispute, controversy, difference, or claim arising out of or relating to the Agreement, including the existence, validity, interpretation, performance, breach, or termination thereof, shall be tried to be resolved via negotiations, before taking them to the court.
    4. In case the controversy is not settled during negotiations, then the interested party can present the controversy before the relevant court of the Company location.
    5. The parties may only bring an action against the other party in any dispute on their own behalf, and not on behalf of another person or entity or group of persons. Users and the Company agree not to participate in consolidated proceedings in disputes involving any other person or entity (class action).
    1. All guidelines, rules, and conditions concerning the transfer, storage, safeguarding, and utilization of personal data of Users are defined in the Privacy and Cookies Policy available via the link given above and on the Website.
    2. All external web pages run by third parties, links to which are provided within the Platform, are not the subject of the aforementioned Privacy and Cookies Policy. As such, they are regulated by separate privacy policies or similar documents that can be found on such websites. We assume no responsibility for the storing, safeguarding, utilizing, and transferring of the Users' data which they provide to third parties within their webpages and applications.
    3. In case you log in to the Platform via your Google account, the Platform will receive information from it. It is exclusively Your concern to define what Your privacy settings on Your Google account are and what You allow to share in such situations.
    1. The Company grants to You non-exclusive, worldwide, non-transferable, revocable, rights to access and use the System only for Your direct personal use, while the terms of the present Agreement are still valid, unless the Agreement foreseen otherwise.
    2. You shall not:
      1. Grant to anyone rights provided to You by the Company with this Agreement and Annexures. Permit or enable any Third-Parties to employ the System on Your behalf.
      2. The Company reserves any and all rights not expressly granted in the current Agreement, including any and all rights to the System without limitation.
      3. Modify the code base of the Platform to distribute it across other users in silent mode. In any circumstances, the user MUST expressly agree to this Terms of use.
    3. You confirm to use the System for the following permitted purposes only:
      1. To access the Internet via Internet Protocol address.
      2. Transfer the System only for expressly personal installation by the person to Whom the Software was transferred
    1. We, herewith, reserve the full right to alter these Terms by publishing updated versions of them on the Website, with a fresh date of the most recent update on the first page.
    2. The User fully and explicitly recognizes the fact that their continued use of the Platform, after the Company makes an updated version of these Terms available on the Website, must be viewed as their unserved and unambiguous consent to all of the stipulations of the altered Agreement.
    3. Herewith, You, as a User, undertake to repeatedly visit and read these Terms of Use, search for alterations, and to familiarize Yourself with the changed text of these Terms.
    4. We carry no obligation to inform and update Users about amendments added to these Terms of Use.

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In case You have any questions to ask, concerning the usage of Our Website as well as the execution, performance, and termination of these Terms, it is possible to reach out to Us by e-mail [email protected]. One can also use messengers and communication channels mentioned on Our Website.

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