Frequently asked questions

  • What is ByteLixir?

    ByteLixir is a community of people united in a single network. Its participants provide a small part of their bandwidth through the application, and receive a reward for this.

    ByteLixir is a source of small passive income at home, while travelling, on business trips and on vacation — wherever internet connection is available.

  • How does ByteLixir work?

    The user registers on the official ByteLixir website, downloads the application from the personal dashboard, and installs the app on their Android or Windows-based device. Through the application, they share a small amount of internet bandwidth and receive a reward.

    You can:

    1. Connect proxies purchased from any provider or configured on your servers. To use this feature, you need to pass KYC verification.
    2. Invite new users to join the project via your personal referral link. If they do so, they will get a welcome bonus for registration — $1. And you will receive the bonus equal to 50% of partners' total earnings at our expense. Your referral partners lose nothing and can develop their affiliate networks similarly.
  • How to use ByteLixir?

    Create a new account or sign in. Then:

    1. Go to the “Download” dashboard section, choose the operating system, and install the free money making app for required devices.
    2. Run the application.
    3. Sign in with your e-mail and password.
    4. Check the internet availability and leave ByteLixir running.

    We also recommend to:

    • Keep the passive income app online as long as possible to get paid for your bandwidth more.
    • Disable VPN.
    • Add the ByteLixir app to your antivirus whitelist
    • Turn off battery optimization and memory optimization to avoid disconnection or inaccurate registration of sold internet bandwidth.

    Feel free to ask client support for help.

  • How to download the ByteLixir passive income app?

    To start selling your bandwidth, choose the appropriate OS on the “Download” tab of your personal dashboard, download and install the program. Follow the instructions during the procedure.

  • Is it safe to use the ByteLixir app for making passive income online?

    Yes. We are a responsible platform working with full compliance of KYC and AML principles. We verify our partners beforehand and control the current network activity constantly. Any law violations are suppressed to keep our users safe and free to earn money using Wi-Fi or cable connections.

    ByteLixir has no access to your sensitive files, payment details or private browser history and therefore is safe to use.

  • Is ByteLixir free?

    Yes. Our app for online passive income is free to download and use. There is no subscription or hidden charges.

  • Who can use ByteLixir to sell extra bandwidth and make money online?

    Anyone can sign up, download the ByteLixir passive income app, share Wi-Fi, and make money online without investment. We offer a legit and ethical platform operating in strict compliance with KYC and AML principles.

    The use of it requires neither special technical skills and investments, nor specialized hardware. Any internet-connected device running Android or Windows suits. Contact client support for advice, feedback or troubleshooting.

  • What does ByteLixir pay me for?

    ByteLixir operates as a mediator between:

    1. Users who sell bandwidth for money
    2. Companies/individuals who are in need of internet connection from your area. They pay for our service and you get paid for your bandwidth as a user.
  • What devices and OS types are supported?

    You can make money sharing your internet via any portable or stationary devices running:

    • Windows
    • Android.

    Compatibility with other OS will be announced later to offer you best way to earn passive income.

  • How many devices can I connect simultaneously to make money with high speed internet?

    You can install the ByteLixir app on as many devices as you want. There is no maximum limit. Use desktops, mobile devices, routers, proxies, etc. to earn money from traffic more effectively.

  • What is the maximum limit on bandwidth I am allowed to sell?

    There are no limits on the internet bandwidth you can sell or concurrently connected devices to make money selling bandwidth.

  • How to add proxy servers to make money selling bandwidth?

    To add proxy servers for online earning you need to:

    1. Pass verification (KYC) using your ID and selfie
    2. Connect a proxy to your account through the personal dashboard (the “Proxies” tab in the menu on the left).

    For each proxy, specify the IP address, port, and login–password (if needed). Connect as many proxies to your account as you want. The reward for the bandwidth sold through a proxy varies according to the type of your proxy IP address (mobile, residential, datacenter, etc.)

  • Who needs my IP address?

    Our customers are companies that require information from distant locations. They:

    • Collect reliable data on market trends
    • Compare prices
    • Test designed sites and applications
    • Promote their businesses in search engines and social media, etc.

    These are enterprises operating in the fields of marketing, finances, data analytics, web development, and more.

  • How much money can I make on ByteLixir for one gigabyte (GB) of traffic?

    The total amount of money you can make sharing your internet with ByteLixir depends on the type of the internet on an applied device with the installed app:

    • On a phone, smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices connected to cellular networks, the payment for 1 GB is $0.85.
    • 1 GB of home Wi-Fi or cable internet will bring you $0.68.
    • Hosting traffic from servers, data centers and similar IP addresses (for example, proxy servers) is paid in the amount of $0.25 per 1 GB sold.

    Each GB of of extra bandwidth sold by your referral partners will bring you commission at the rate of 50% of partners' earnings: $0.42, $0.34, and $0.12 respectively.

  • What are the ways to make money by sharing internet connection with ByteLixir? How to make more money selling bandwidth?

    With our project you can earn money online in four ways:

    1. Launch the passive income app on your personal gadgets running Android or Windows OS
    2. Connect proxies in the dashboard
    3. Invite new users to join the platform via your referral link. For the referral link, added partners, and pricing rates, check the “Referrals” tab in the dashboard. After registration, your partners receive a $1 welcome bonus, and you will get lifelong bonuses equal to 50% of partners' income
    4. Monetize your software with ByteLixir. Contact client support for details to start earning online as a developer.
  • What is the average income from a single device?

    Average passive income from a single device with the installed ByteLixir application ranges from $2 to $10 monthly. The precise amount of passive income depends on:

    1. Type of bandwidth on the connected device – mobile, home, etc.
    2. Our platform’s demand for bandwidth in your area. This value varies throughout the day and month
    3. Application operating time. It is necessary to ensure that the application is enabled, and the OS does not shutdown it nor puts the app in the energy saving mode.
  • What does the amount of income depend on?

    The more internet bandwidth you sell via ByteLixir, the more money you make sharing your internet. The following factors can influence your passive income:

    • Demand for bandwidth in your area.
    • Number of users in your area logged in the ByteLixir online earning app along with you.
    • Device type — mobile phone or tablet, desktop or laptop connected to household, etc.
    • Internet connection speed.
    • VPN or firewall enabled.
  • Which countries are most in demand among bandwidth buyers? In which countries can I make more money online by selling bandwidth with ByteLixir?

    Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United States of America (USA).

    You can sell your bandwidth in other countries as well, as the demand on bandwidth varies over different periods of time. We recommend assessing the effectiveness of the ByteLixir passive income app after a month of using the application or after 300 hours of its operation.

  • Where is it impossible to make money online with ByteLixir? In which countries the ByteLixir application for online passive income will not work?

    The stable online passive income with the app is not available in Iran, Myanmar, Palestine, and the United Arab Emirates.

  • Can I sell internet bandwidth to a particular company or an individual using ByteLixir?

    No. ByteLixir algorithms process requests for bandwidth in your region and automatically establish connections with suitable devices that meet the requirements. That allows everyone to make money with high speed internet.

  • How much money have I already earned from Wi-Fi, mobile or cable internet?

    The current rates of sold bandwidth, money earned, and usage time are shown on the dashboard tab of the ByteLixir app for online passive income. This information is available on the personal dashboard on the ByteLixir website as well. Check the money earned through connected proxies and added referral partners on the appropriate dashboard tabs. They show detailed statistics and number of GBs sold on every node. Consider the time needed to show a revised amount of sold internet bandwidth.

  • How can I withdraw money made with high speed internet via ByteLixir?

    Order a payout via the system dashboard or the corresponding button on the app's interface. We will direct payment to cryptocurrency account of your choice. Available tokens and coins are listed on the dashboard.

    Please note that there is a minimum limit of $2 to payout money earned through selling your bandwidth through ByteLixir. Unverified users cannot withdraw more than $50 at a time.

  • When can I get my payouts? Is there the lowest limit for money to payout?

    The minimum payout amount is $2. The available methods are listed in the “Payouts” section of the personal dashboard on the website. Without passing verification (KYC) the maximum sum of a one-time payout is limited to $50.

  • How much time does it take to withdraw money from my account?

    The transaction takes from a few minutes to three days. Please contact client support in case of dysfunction.

  • Why is inviting more referral partners beneficial?

    You get commission at a rate of 50% of your referral partners’ income. In other words, if they earn $10, you'll get $5 to your personal account. It is one of the most profitable ways to make passive income in 2024. New referral users get a free welcome bonus — $1. 

  • What languages are available in the ByteLixir interface?

    Our app for online passive income is available in:

    • English
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Russian
    • French.

    Please contact client support to suggest a particular language you need to earn money from Wi-Fi more comfortably. It is set automatically according to your system language. To change it choose the appropriate item on the app menu.

  • Is it possible to make money selling bandwidth on Linux? Does ByteLixir have a Docker client?

    We do not plan to release Linux / Docker client. You can setup proxies on your server using preferable proxy software, pass KYC verification through the dashboard, and then add proxies to your account for online earning. We can ask you for selfie verification during money payouts.

  • Can I sell bandwidth through an iOS device? Does ByteLixir work on iOS?

    Our app for online passive income does not work on iOS devices. You can download and install ByteLixir on devices running Android and Windows.

    To increase online earning with ByteLixir, invite new users to join the platform via your referral link. You will receive a lifetime bonus equal to 50% of the active partners' income, while they do not lose profits. New referral users get $1 after registration as a free greeting bonus.

  • Is it possible to run ByteLixir on a server?

    Yes. Install Windows version of the ByteLixir passive income app to make money with high speed internet via server connection.

  • Does ByteLixir work on virtual machines?

    Yes. But several devices and machines carrying the same IP address will not raise the amount of money you make with Wi-Fi, via cable or cellular connection. Utilize different IPs from distinct providers to make extra money passively at home, at office, etс.

  • Does ByteLixir work with a VPN connection?

    VPN technology may distort the accuracy of geolocation data or the amount of traffic sold, and also reduces the stability of passive income. We recommend turning off the VPN for the time you sell your bandwidth or adding the program to the exclusion list of the VPN service.

  • Can I use IPv6 to sell bandwidth?

    Yes, you can use IPv6. There are currently no rewards for this type of IP address, yet we plan to enable this passive income opportunity later.

  • When is ByteLixir technical and client support available?

    ByteLixir support is online daily, from 10AM till 2AM UTC/GMT +4 (GST). Contact us via e-mail, WhatsApp, Telegram or other suitable way for feedback or troubleshooting.

    Please be ready to provide e-mail and login information for quick issue resolving. The waiting time is 15 minutes on average, but depends on the number of requests we are working on at the moment. Feel free to ask for help or share your passive income streams' ideas.

  • Where can I read reviews on ByteLixir?

    Visit the ByteLixir page on to share your opinion on our passive income app or read reviews of other users, who make money selling bandwidth. For feedback or troubleshooting please contact us via e-mail, Facebook or Telegram. We will be happy to hear your ideas and make ByteLixir the best online side hustle with your help.

  • How to understand that ByteLixir is working properly?

    • Check the indicator on the top of the application interface or the peer list on the web dashboard. The green "Status" indicator shows that ByteLixir makes money online and operates normally.
    • Pay attention to the rates of money earned, shared traffic, and working hours on the app's main tab. They update in case the program works correctly and sells your bandwidth. Contact client support to report any issues.
  • The app is connected and working, but internet bandwidth is not selling via ByteLixir.

    Open your personal ByteLixir dashboard and check the status column. The green icon near the device IP address means that the device works properly. The demand for bandwidth may be low in your area at the moment or the type of your bandwidth is yet unclaimed. Contact client support for assistance.

  • The app is running on an Android device, but it is not showing up online.

    • An active VPN service may interfere with the correct operation of the passive income app on your phone, tablet, and other devices. Turn the VPN off. Check the settings of the ByteLixir application.
    • Make sure that the power saving or battery optimization features are disabled for the application, while the autorun and background features are on.
  • The app is on and online, but I get no income. What is the problem?

    Demand on bandwidth in your area may be reduced. We recommend leaving the ByteLixir passive income app running online, and waiting. As soon as our partners use your bandwidth, you will earn passive income from computer, phone, tablet, etc.

    The bandwidth demand varies from day to day, it is normal. Monitor your accruals for at least 1-2 months. Make sure that the application is online and not disconnected.

  • Why is my peer's ID status "Offline" / "Disconnected"?

    The IP address was recently disabled. Check if the app is running and the power saving mode is disabled for the ByteLixir app. The issue is common for Android-based mobile gadgets.

    • The peer ID status “Disconnected”:

    The internet service provider / country / region may not support the ByteLixir platform or there may be difficulties connecting the app. Restart the program. Contact client support to check the case in detail according to debugging information from the application.

  • Antivirus/defensive software defines the ByteLixir app or installation files as dangerous. Why?

    The ByteLixir app is safe to make money online and contains no malicious links. Our platform has no access to any private data, browser history, other apps or files stored on HDD. Alerts on dangerous status of our app may be explained by outdated components of the application's code.

    1. Check for the new version on the ByteLixir official webpage to sell internet bandwidth safely.
    2. Add our app to the exceptions list of your antivirus or turn off security measures while you sell extra bandwidth.
  • I have added a new device, but I don’t see it in the peer list along with others. What should I do?

    1. Check the e-mail address you used to log into the application. The e-mail must be valid and comply with the one specified in your personal account.
    2. Make sure that the ByteLixir app for online passive income has the “Connected” status, the “Share internet” button is active, and the device itself has internet connection.
    3. Android-based gadgets can put the app in a sleeping mode or apply battery optimization to ByteLixir. Disable these options or configure them to put the passive income app into exception lists. If this does not help, contact client support.
  • Dashboard shows incorrect statistics on bandwidth or wrong geolocation of my gadgets. Why is it so?

    We may apply multiple third-party services to detect geolocation and data type of bandwidth you sell. The inaccuracy may be caused by delays in transferring actual data. Check if VPN is off. Make sure that antivirus does not interfere with the app's work. Turn off the ByteLixir passive earning app, then enable it again and wait for a while. Contact client support if the error persists.

  • Why can't I get the requested withdrawal?

    ByteLixir as a legit passive income app cooperates with verified personal accounts only, according to AML and KYC policies. Please do the following:

    1. Check the accuracy of your ID and provide private information if needed. Repeat the withdrawal.
    2. Make sure your payout meets the minimum requirements of the payment system.
    3. Set the proper network type for your cryptocurrency transfer.
  • I want to turn off the ByteLixir app or disable it. How can I do that?

    Press the "Share internet" button of the ByteLixir passive earning app to pause passive earning procedure. Uninstall it if needed. You can later download the app to get money you have on your personal account or sell bandwidth for money again.

  • Will I lose earned money after deinstallation of the app?

    No. Uninstalling or turning off the ByteLixir app keeps the account balance unchanged. This holds true for any devices listed in the dashboard.

    Download the app and get money from multiple devices or uninstall it without affecting money made as a 2024 passive income side hustle.

  • How to delete my ByteLixir account?

    You can delete your account:

    • Through the “My Account” dashboard section. Click the "Delete account" button at the bottom right.
    • By contacting client support from the e-mail address provided during the sign-up procedure.

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