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ByteLixir offers developers an efficient way to monetize their software. We’ve come up with an ad-free and zero-risk app which both you and your users will like. Our passive money app is easy-to-use, quiet and secure.

It does not matter what kind of software you build — paid, free or ad-supported. As a developer, you are to choose when and how to offer our app to your users.

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  • Free app

    Loyal users who are into your app are likely to support you. So you can ask them to download ByteLixir.

  • Paid app

    When your app’s trial period is ending, you can offer ByteLixir to the users so they have an extended trial version

  • Free app with ads

    Users will be glad to have an ad-free version of your app. Tell them to accept ByteLixir, thus providing them with a user experience with no ads.

KYC and AML policy

Whichever option you favor, it is going to work and bring you extra profit. Besides, our app is fully KYC/AML compliant, with no underlying risk either for you or your users.

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KYC and AML policy
  • Better than ads

    Better than ads

    Our passive money app pays better than ads. This means your users will be willing to choose us over advertisements. For you, it means more downloads and positive reviews.

  • Good conversion

    Good conversion

    As a passive earning app, ByteLixir helps to make extra income. By enabling a limited premium version of your software, you increase retention, and where there is good retention, there is better conversion.

  • Everyone benefits

    Everyone benefits

    It’s not just a win-win — it’s a win-win-win for each side of the deal. Developers get a reliable business partner, users have a better app experience, and we increase our brand exposure.

Legit, safe, transparent

ByteLixir is trusted by millions. Users and peers are free to join or leave anytime. The peer-sharing of their device resources is done of their own will.

Legit, safe, transparent

Privacy and protection first

Our passive money app is approved by main antivirus services. Since user and peer devices are protected, there is nothing to prevent their proper operation. We never collect or keep private data of our users, nor do any of our business clients. Companies have no access to the personal information on our users’ devices.

Privacy and protection first

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