Política de Privacidade

Última atualização: 22/03/2024


BTLX, as an entity (also referred below to as “Company”, “We”, “Us”) prizes Your (also referred to as the “User’s”) privacy and holds it in full respect. We make every feasible and reasonable effort to assure and maintain the safety, security, and integrity of Your Personal Data that We universally treat as sensitive information (as explained below).

This Cookie and Privacy Policy (also called “Policy”) describes the scope of Our Users’ Personal Data that We gather. It also clarifies the goals and intentions for which it is gathered and highlights the way it is made use of. In addition, We single out the third parties to whom Your Personal Data might be transferred. This Policy must be viewed as, and for all intents and purposes is, an integral part of Our Terms of Use. They can be found at https://bytelixir.com/en/terms-of-use.

Please familiarize Yourself with this Policy carefully and attentively. In case You have any questions, We urge You not to hesitate to contact Us and ask those questions.


If any term used in this document is capitalized, it must be understood and interpreted as explained in this section:

We, Us, Company BTLX, established according to the laws of Singapore.
Website the entirety of data and information, web forms to fill out, and other copyrighted items of intellectual property protected by Our trademark (including computer software, databases, UI/UX elements in particular and graphic interface design in general, as well as all the content, etc.) that belongs to the Company and is accessible via Users' devices that get connected to the Internet through special software for viewing and working with web pages (browser) under the domain "bytelixir.com". That also encompasses the domains of the subsequent levels that could be used by the Users to get access to their Accounts, interact with the Platform, and communicate with the Company.
Application any software belonging to the Company (which includes both the source code and object code, as well as programs, libraries, APIs, tools, datasets, files, app specs, and documents) that could be made use of by Users to share their Internet connection bandwidth with the Company and other Users.
Platform the combination of the Website and Application that belongs to the Company and that could be used by the Users who are willing to share their Internet connection bandwidth with the Company and other Users on a reimbursable basis.
You, User, Users any person, meeting eligibility criteria laid down herein and accepting these Terms, that has created an Account to register with the Website and installed Our Application.
Personal Data principally implies any information, pertaining to an identified or identifiable person, that Users share with Us while making use of the Platform. This term covers feedback, User data that We automatically gather, as well as information about Users that We obtain from external third parties.
Personal Data Processing or Processing implies a broad range of manipulations performed on Personal Data that encompass gathering it manually or automatically, logging and recording it, as well as arranging, structuring, storing, adapting, altering, and retrieving it, as well as providing advice on it, using it, disclosing it by transferring, transmitting or sharing it otherwise, matching or aggregating it, and restricting, deleting or destructing that Personal Data.
Registration data The Personal Data User provides to the Company by mentioning it in the registration form during the process of signing up. The full list of User characteristics is enumerated in the proper paragraph of the current Policy and Agreement.
Verification Services Third-party platforms which have contractual relationships with the Company for execution of enhanced verification of visitors that would like to get status of the User and already registered Users.
Third-Party Services Services provided by the legal entities not affiliated with the Company. The System contains detailed characteristics on them.

If any of the terms used and mentioned in this Policy are not clarified above or in other sections of the document, they are to be interpreted and understood in accordance with the User Agreement, relevant regulations and applicable laws, and, only as a last resort, following a generally accepted practice.


In case You consent to the entire Policy in general and to each and every stipulation and point in particular, You can expressly agree with it by placing ☑ next to the box “I have read and accept the Terms of the Privacy and Cookies Policy” while registering Your Account with the Website.

If You, at any point and moment, do not consent to any of the provisions of this Policy, You shall straightway stop using and working with the Platform.

Personal Data That We Gather

Whenever Your use Our Platform, We might gather the following Personal Data:

Category Personal Data
Communication-related Data
  • E-mail addresses;
  • ID of Telegram accounts;
  • Cell phone numbers;
  • Other contact information that You use to reach out to and get in touch with the Company.
Registration-related Data If You complete Our form by Yourself:
  • E-mail address
If You log in via Your own Google account or accounts associated with other external service providers:
  • E-mail address;
  • Other data that We are authorized to obtain access to, in accordance with the privacy settings of Your Google account or other accounts associated with other external service providers.
Automatically Gathered Information Tech-related information
  • IP addresses;
  • Type and version of Users' web browsers;
  • Your time settings;
  • Types and versions of browser plug-ins;
  • OS and platform-related data.
Usage-related information:
  • Services and information Users accessed or searched for;
  • Login records;
  • Referrals to domains;
  • Traffic volumes;
  • Page response times;
  • Download errors;
  • Time of visits paid to certain pages;
  • Information concerning URL click-streams (date and time included) to, through, and from Our Website;
  • Techniques applied to browse away from the page;
  • Other information obtained via cookies and other comparable techniques.
Data for Enhanced Verification The information you specify and submit to Us at Our request and (or) request made by the Verification Services and revolving around requirements forced on Us by external parties (including regulatory authorities), as well as requests raised by Us and (or) Verification Services to certify compliance with the Terms and other statutory regulations.
Third-Party Account An Account which User has registered on Third-Party websites, such as Gmail, Facebook, etc., and which is used by the User also can sign up an Account within the System.

The Company is continuously engineering and upgrading the Platform. Thus, new features, options, and functionalities can be added to it. To get access to them and work with them, You might be requested to share extra information with Us.

You are fully aware that you share Your Personal Data with Us under Your own volition. Your consent to having Your Personal Data processed by Us can be withdrawn at any moment of time. However, if You refuse to authorize Us to process Your Personal Data and withdraw Your Consent, the Company is in no position to guarantee the reliable and workable provision of access to the Website.

Purposes to Gather Personal Data

Our team gathers the aforesaid Personal Data for clear intents and goals:

Category of Personal Data Purpose to Gather Personal Data
Communication-related Data
  • Giving You pertinent feedback;
  • Communicating with You for Our organizational and administrative reasons and informing You about Our other services.
Registration-related Data
  • Providing access to the Platform;
  • Maintaining Platform security;
  • Providing service communications.
Automatically Gathered Information
  • Maintaining Platform security;
  • Maintaining the normal work of the Platform;
  • Improving Your Platform experience as a User;
  • Identifying the errors and deficiencies of the Platform, developing the Platform, and addressing various Platform issues.
Data for Enhanced Verification
  • Maintaining Platform security;
  • Maintaining the safety of Users, Our own safety as a Company, and the security of external parties cooperating with Us or otherwise engaged in Our work.

Our Company gathers and utilizes Your Personal Data for the aforementioned goals exclusively, unless gathering and using it is mandated by other aims consistent with the primary purpose of gathering Personal Data, or is necessitated by applicable and relevant laws, regulations, judicial rulings, and acts of various authorities.

If We have to make use of Your Personal Data for other objectives (i.e. those goals and aims not described above), Our Company will inform You about these activities and clarify the legal foundations for Data gathering.

The Company may require You to go through additional verification with use of the third-party Verification Services. In case the Platform elected Your Account for enhanced verification, You will be allowed to use the Platform only upon successful completion of verification.

Ways We Gather Users’ Personal Data

Our Company might gather Users’ Personal Data in several ways, as specified below:

Personal Data Data Gathering Technique
Communication-related Data We obtain access to this sort of Personal Data whenever You contact Us to ask Our customer support specialists any questions before the creation of Your Account or reach out to them for any other purposes (for instance, via e-mail).
Registration-related Data We obtain this sort of Personal Data, whenever You fill out and submit pertinent forms and make the mandatory measures to register an Account via the Website or log in into Your account via any other available external services provided by third parties (e.g. Google).
Automatically Collected Data Whenever You make use of and interact with the Platform. Our Company might gather this sort of Personal Data by means of such techniques as cookies, server logs, and other related technologies.
Data for Enhanced Verification We obtain this sort of Personal Data directly from You. Also, We get it via other sources based on the Personal Data at our disposal.

Duration Issues

Our Company stores and retains Your Personal Data for no longer than it is necessitated by the aim or gathering.

As a general rule, the Company will keep and delete Your Personal Data as specified below:

Personal Data Retention Period
Communication-related Data We keep it until the moment We provide You with feedback.
Registration-related Data

We keep Your e-mail for the entire duration of Your Account’s existence and for two years after You terminate it. Other data is kept by Us strictly for the duration of Your Account’s existence and deleted immediately after it is terminated.

Where it is mandated by applicable laws, the Company might retain Your Personal Data after the Account is terminated (within the space of time prescribed by such laws).

Automatically Collected Data

The Company stores and keeps such Personal Data as Your IP, login history, referrals to domains, as well as the volume of traffic for the entire duration of Your Account’s existence and for two years after You terminate it.

Other Personal Data of this sort is stored by Us exclusively for the entire duration of Your Account’s existence and is deleted when Your Account is terminated.

Where it is mandated by applicable regulations, norms, and laws, we reserve the right to retain Your Personal Data after Your Account is terminated for the duration prescribed by such regulations, norms, and laws.

Data for Enhanced Verification The Company stores and keeps this sort of Personal Data for the entire duration of Your Account’s existence and for two years after You terminate it.

Legal Foundations to Process Personal Data

The way we process Users’ Personal Data is framed by privacy rights and regulations stipulated by GDPR, DPA, and other applicable local laws and regulations. In case the jurisdictions of Your locations stipulate stricter Personal Data norms, the way Your Personal Data is handled will be defined by these standards.

By and large, the legal foundations for Personal Data Processing can be presented this way:

Your Consent. As You explicitly permit to have Your Personal Data processed for certain purposes, the legality and validity is defined by Your permission. Consenting to have Your Personal Data processed is totally voluntary. Any consent previously given can be withdrawn at any moment. Please remember that such a withdrawal is only valid for the future. Thus, it does not exert any influence on Processing of Personal Data that occurred before the withdrawal of Your permission.

Contract Execution. This foundation implies the Processing of Users' Personal Data when it is needed to carry out Our contractual obligations under an agreement to which You are a party. Also, it may refer to acting on Your own request before entering into such an agreement. The latter encompasses Our Terms of Use.

Our Legitimate Interest. It implies Our own corporate interest in the effective, proper, and responsible management of all business processes on Our side. It also implies the protection of Our business reputation and the way we provide Users with an adequate level of services.

Legal Compliance Issues. The Company processes Your Personal Data when it has to be done to abide by legal or regulatory obligations.

Sharing and Transferring Users’ Personal Data With Third Parties

From time to time, the Company might have to share Your Personal Data with external third parties. A comprehensive list is provided below, with every type specified:

  • Our Partners, Affiliates, and Counterparties

    Whenever we reveal Users’ Personal Data to partners of this sort, We inform the individuals mentioned above about the fact that the Company is sharing relevant Personal Data. We universally demand such parties to abide by all the applicable legal obligations regarding the Processing of Users’ Personal Data. We do not let such parties make use of Users’ Personal Data for their goals and exclusively authorize them to process Users’ Personal Data for concrete purposes and in conformity with Our instructions.

  • Government Agencies

    The Company can only make use of and share Users’ Personal Data with these external third parties when it is mandated for the lawful conduct of Our business. We might be ordered to give access to Personal Data by various local authorities if Users violate the Terms and apply Internet bandwidth to achieve goals that breach legal provisions.

  • Analytical Service and SEO Service Providers

    We reveal Your Personal Data to these parties in a depersonalized format exclusively. Our sole aim here is to upgrade and optimize the Platform. The Company assures and guarantees that We will never sell, trade, or share Your Personal Data with such parties without Your explicit permission.

Does Our Company Transfer Users’ Personal Data to Other Jurisdictions?

The Personal Data of Our Users is stored mainly in the EU territory. At the same time, to support Our operations worldwide, We might resort to various services available overseas, which encompasses data Processing service providers, as long as the laws and regulations imposed by Your jurisdiction do not impose limitations on data transfer of this sort. The Personal Data of Our Users used for Verification process and Data for Enhanced Verification is stored under Verification Services provider Terms and Conditions and Policy.

Thus, hereby, Our Company warrants You that We can transfer Your Personal Data exclusively to the jurisdictions that have been acknowledged as countries able to ensure an adequate privacy level in terms of Personal Data protection and by Oficial Police request. We make every feasible endeavor to maintain the security of Your Personal Data within the framework of this Privacy Policy while cooperating with external service providers. Our Company will take all feasible and applicable contractual measures to keep the relevant Personal Data safe, abiding all pertinent laws.

In case adequate service providers cannot be identified in any particular jurisdiction, i.e. in case those service providers, associated with those countries, are in no position to maintain an adequate level of protection imposed by GDPR and DPA (e.g. in the United States), the transfers of this sort will be regulated by the standard data protection clauses adopted by the US and the European Union. Also, other relevant safeguards, such as the Privacy Shield Framework, can be applied.

How Your Personal Data Is Secured By Our Company

We take a comprehensive range of tech-related, organizational, and managerial steps to maintain the confidentiality, unity, and availability of Your Personal Data. Our Company’s aim is to protect Your Personal Data from loss, fraud, being stolen or misused, unapproved access, changes, or destruction. We take all measures that are generally followed by the industry to secure the Personal Data at Our disposal.

These measures encompass, but are not limited to, the implementation of modern security techniques: the Secure Sockets Layered (SSL) technology that ensures that Your Personal Data is encrypted in an end-to-end fashion and is sent across the Net securely. This technology also provides for reliable coding guidelines and regular penetration QA.

Our Company also applies encryption (HTTPS/TLS) to defend data that is transmitted to and from Polyx Exchange. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol that maintains privacy and data integrity between two communicating apps. As such, it's the most widely deployed security protocol currently in use. It is applied to Web browsers and other apps that mandate data to be safely exchanged over a network, e.g. file transfers, VPN connections, instant messaging, and VoIP.

Only authorized staff members working at Our Company are granted access to Users’ Personal Data. These staff members are universally required to handle and process the Personal Data they have access to as confidential. Also, the safety practices applied by Us will, periodically, be reviewed to be in step with legal and tech-related trends and developments.

Users’ Rights

Below You can find a list of the basic rights guaranteed to Users as subjects of Personal Data regulations:

  1. Portability and Access. You are entitled to ask Us to submit a copy of Your Personal Data which We enjoy access to. The Company will provide You with that information within a reasonable space of time. Also, we might request You to reimburse the Company for the costs spent on collecting that data in Our system.
  2. Correcting and revising Incomplete or Inaccurate Personal Data. You may request Your Personal Data to be updated. It is possible for You to do so by reaching out to Us directly. We reserve the right to refuse to provide such personal assistance in case the functionalities of Our Website make it possible to change Your Personal Data on Your own.
  3. Erasure. You might request Us to remove and delete Your Personal Data. Please remember that in some scenarios We automatically delete Your Personal Data. Also, for Your information, Our Company might not always be in the right position to comply with Your request to delete Personal Data because of relevant legal requirements imposed on Us. If this situation arises, You will be notified about this fact, in response to Your request. To have your data deleted, send an official request from a registered e-mail.
  4. Withdrawal of Your Consent. To the degree that the Processing of Your Personal Data is grounded exclusively in Your consent, You can withdraw Your consent at any moment. This will have absolutely no impact on the legality of any Processing that has occurred before the withdrawal of Your consent. Please remember that any Personal Data that is handled on a basis other than Your consent will keep on to be processed.
  5. Restriction of Processing processes. In a number of jurisdictions, applicable laws might grant You the right to limit or raise an objection to Our Processing or transfer of Your Personal Data under specific conditions. We might keep on Processing Personal Data if it is needed to protect Our rights or as otherwise mandated by relevant laws.

You can send requests related to privacy rights and Your Personal Data by reaching out to Us via e-mail made available at the end of this document. It is also possible to contact us via other channels offered by Our Website.

Please consider the fact that none of the aforementioned rights is an absolute one. This fact enables Us to deny You the exercise of such rights if Our exercise of them would not comply with the legal obligations relevant to Us and Our legitimate interests. In case we make the decision to turn down Your request, We will inform You and clarify the grounds for Our decision of this sort.


Definition of ‘Cookies’

Cookies are to be viewed as small text files. They are generated and kept on Your machine when You pay a visit to the Website. They contain certain information, e.g. Your language preferences. When You pay a new visit to the Platform once again, such a file is sent to the Platform. In this fashion, the Platform recognizes Your browser and is able, for instance, remember Your language preferences and function accordingly.

Cookie Storage Duration And Your Device

Cookie files normally have an "expiration date." The latter shows how long they are to be kept on Your machine. Some files of this type are automatically removed as soon as You close the browser (the so-called session cookies). Others will be kept on Your machine for a longer period of time. In some scenarios, you need to delete these files manually (the so-called permanent cookies).

Reasons to Make Use of Cookie Files

Our Company uses the following types of cookie files:

  • Functional ones;
  • Analytical and operational ones;
  • Communication and marketing ones.

The functional type is used by Our Website to operate properly. We make use of such cookies to identify Users or to maintain the adequate functioning of various capabilities of the Platform.

Analytical and operational cookies make it possible for Us to recognize repeated sessions held on the Platform. Owing to them, We can also identify the type of content assessed, together with the links leading to Partners' sites from the Platform. In addition, with them, we can see the time of opening of each Platform’s sections and monitor the usage of its certain functionalities.

The Company applies Google Analytics to resolve analytical tasks. When You navigate between web pages, this tool provides Us, as website owners, with certain JavaScript tags (libraries) to record information about the page viewed by You, e.g. the URL of the page (for more info, check out Google Analytics' website privacy overview). As it is known, Google Analytics uses cookies on websites. See the Google Privacy and Data Protection Overview to obtain more information concerning the data gathered by Google Analytics.

On top of that, We get certain information during sessions held via Your browser to access Our Website and other content provided by or on behalf of the Company on other websites or while reading e-mails. Gathering this information enables Us to comprehend Our Users deeper, know the resources via which Our Platform is accessed, and keep track of how exactly Users make use of Our Platform. We use this information for analytical goals and to upgrade the Platform. Such information encompasses:

  • Tech-related information, including the Internet Protocol (IP) address applied by Your PC or portable device to get access the Internet, browser type and version, time settings, plug-ins and versions, and OS;
  • Information concerning Your visits or e-mail openings, which covers the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), history of links to or from Our Website, records of exits (including date and time of visit), page response time, content load failures, duration of sessions associated with certain pages, page usage data (e.g. scrolling, making clicks, or hovering), and the way You leave Our pages.

Ways to Learn More About Cookies on Your Device and Deleting Them

In case You want to explore which cookies are installed on Your device or intend to remove them, You might use Your browser settings.

Remember, that if You delete or reject the usage of cookies, You consent that You might lose access to some capabilities of Our Website.

The following options are available. It is possible to forbid Your browser to accept specific cookies, to request for Your browser's consent before a new cookie is installed, or to block all cookies outright by choosing the best matching option in Your browser's privacy settings menu. To disable cookies in the browser of Your mobile device, You need to refer to its respective user manual.

The majority of web browsers enable You to see and remove cookies via Your browser settings. To explore more info concerning cookies, including what cookies have been set, pay a visit to www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org.

For Your information, You can also follow these links to the cookie settings of the most popular browsers below:

To find advice concerning other browsers, pay a visit to the website belonging to Your browser developer of choice.

To disable the tracking operations associated with Google Analytics on all websites, pay a visit to https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.


Our Platform might contain links to external websites and platforms run by third-party external service providers. Their Personal Data and privacy policies may differ from Our framework.

We bear no responsibility and cannot be held liable for the Personal Data or privacy policies associated with such third parties. We advise you to explore the privacy policies of all third-party websites before you interact with them.


We reserve the full right to modify this Policy by amending it and publishing updated versions of the Policy on Our Website. This version will show a new date of the most recent update on the first page.

Our Users acknowledge that their continued usage of the Platform, after each publication of the updated version of the Policy on the Website, is deemed to be their unconditional and explicit consent to all the stipulations of the updated Policy (acceptance of the updated Policy).

Thus, the User assumes responsibility for repeatedly checking the Website for updates concerning Our Privacy Policy and reading its altered text.

The Company is not obligated to inform Users about any alterations in this respect.


Se houver alguma dúvida no contexto da forma como nós processamos Seus Dados Pessoais e qualquer uma de suas estipulações, entre em contato conosco por e-mail: :email. Além disso, é possível entrar em contato conosco por meio de mensageiros e outros canais mencionados no site.

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