Customer reviews in business: ByteLixir as a tool to get them

How companies gather reviews with our assistance.

Customer reviews in business: ByteLixir as a tool to get them

Coming up with new services or goods is not a simple process. It is even more difficult to implement these innovations, promote them, and explain their benefits to potential clients. Maintaining a product and improving it according to consumer needs are the next business phases. Entrepreneurs collect and analyze customer reviews to grow better. The ByteLixir platform to make money selling bandwidth acts similarly and assists others in working with feedback.

Earning passive income from computers with our project suits smartphones and desktops’ owners, requires no technical skills, investment or effort. Therefore, the number of our users is growing, as well as the amount of fake and real reviews on ByteLixir. We collect and analyze opinions on our program to correct flaws. Download the latest ByteLixir app for Windows and Android from our official web page to ensure safety and performance. And our official YouTube channel explains basic operational principles. 

Other ethical and responsible business representatives take care of their services and reputation, so they collect reviews by customers. This requires additional internet connections that our platform provides. And customers’ payment allows our app’s users to make money selling bandwidth.

We cooperate with trusted companies and entrepreneurs only, asking our clients to:

  • Provide information about themselves
  • Pass verification
  • Commit to use our project for ethical purposes only.

Searching for business reviews is an example of services our clients pay for, unless the critic is on public access online.

What is the role of real customer reviews?

Reviews on companies and products matter, as 93% of potential customers read opinions on the Web before making a purchase. The brand’s public image depends on its online reputation and the assessments it receives. A company reacting to critics and solving issues promptly shows the concern about potential audience. Real people reviews even serve as part of an advertising campaign, if added to the site and social media. Hence the business representatives’ demand for additional bandwidth allows our app’s users to earn passive income from a computer, tablet, phone, etc.


Types of real online reviews

Feedback forms include:

  1. Reviews: a detailed description of personal experience
  2. Assessments: numerical rating which shows an average satisfaction with goods or services
  3. Recommendations: tips on using any equipment, choosing a washing machine, visiting a spa, making money selling bandwidth, etc.
  4. Comments: Free expression on presented manufacturers, suppliers, experts, and the fruits of their labor.

Why are customer reviews important? How ByteLixir helps to get real reviews

Real online reviews on ByteLixir are available on various dedicated sites. We recommend considering their authenticity deliberately, given:

  • Mission and principles: we are a KYC and AML-compliant ethical platform.
  • Program type: the app available on Google Play for Android or on our site. We don’t use browser’s extensions or similar.
  • Total income amount: $2–10 per month from a single device, additional unlimited revenue from the referral program.
  • Authentication: signing in on your own or through someone’s referral link. Optional verification and 2FA.
  • Safety: the app does not collect or sell personal data and has no access to private files or other programs.
  • Available ways to sell your bandwidth: through devices of your own, the referral program, proxy servers, and monetizing your software.
  • Payouts: in cryptocurrency by choice through the personal dashboard. The minimum amount is $5, the maximum is unlimited after the verification. The $1 welcome bonus is assigned to newcomers who sign up via the referral link.

See “Frequently asked questions” (FAQ), ByteLixir blog or contact our support service for actual and reliable first-hand information. This principle suits the search of any goods or project reviews.


Processing real reviews: ByteLixir’s role

Both positive and negative customer reviews affect the brand. The former strengthens the reputation and attracts new buyers. The latter requires studying, that’s the way to improve the product and evade a loss of potential customers. Business representatives seek to isolate real people's reviews from unscrupulous advertising or frauds.

Processing reviews requires gathering and operating gigabytes of online data. Which is why digital market players strive for our assistance. ByteLixir verifies and checks the clients, setting them up with users willing to earn passive income from computers then. As a result:

  1. Our users sell bandwidth without effort
  2. Our clients work with publicly available information and spare on web server capacities.
  3. Reduced electricity consumption leads to better environmental conditions. So our platform contributes to the eco-conscious future along with its users.


Reviews by customers, ByteLixir, and ethics

Ethical and reputable brands take service reviews into account to become better and adjust the product to common needs. We adhere to the same principles of ethics and fair competition. That is why ByteLixir assists everyone with making money by selling bandwidth and inviting friends on the one hand. Plus helps businesses to receive honest positive and negative feedback, on the other. To leave your feedback on our platform, fill in the contact form. Or address the customer’s review to client support through social networks, messengers, etc. listed on the official website.


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